Because it is important for me to share my French culture with you, I am presenting you today the recipe of the real french baguette, like in Paris !

Simple as 4 ingredients – wheat, water, yeast and salt – the secret lies in the careful handling of the dough and paying attention to fermentation. 

For 2 medium size baguettes or 1 big, you need :

  • 350g flour of your choice

  • 200ml lukewarm water

  • 6g baker’s yeast

  • 4g selt

Step 1:

– Dilute baker’s yeast in lukewarm water. To know if the water is not too hot, try putting your finger in. If it burns, it means it’s too hot! Wait 5-8 min.

– In the bowl of your food processor, pour flour, salt and water+yeast and knead during 5 min.

Step 2:

– Knead dough until nicely round and smooth. Then, place the dough in a clean bowl and cover it with a kitchen cloth. – Remove the air from the dough every 15 min for 1 hour (4 times).

– Preheat oven to 240°C (if possible, put heat from below). – Then let the dough rest for an additional 1 hour without touching it.

Step 3:

– Flour your work surface and carefully shape your sticks. Bake for 15min with heat from below and another 10min with heat from below and above.

Enjoy your tartines !

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