A classic recipe with maximum effect that requires minimum effort!

Whether you call it Creme or Flan, this desert is known worldwide and has gained popularity on every family’s table. Revealing a layer of caramel when it is turned over, it has a soft and sweet taste in mouth!

Today I’m gonna share this easy recipe of the creme caramel for you to prepare at home and enjoy for the dessert!

Make sure you plan ahead (one day before)as the cream needs to rest overnight in the refrigerator.

Prep Time: 20 minutes Cook Time: 35 minutes

For 6 individual ramekins or 1 large gratin dish


For the creme :

● 500ml milk ● 70g sugar ● 3 eggs ● 1 egg yolk ● 1 vanilla pod

For the caramel

  • 70g sugar


step 1: – Preheat your oven to 180 ° – Heat the milk with the pod and the vanilla seeds – In a separate bowl, beat the eggs (whole and yolks) with the sugar. – Using a colander, pour the boiling vanilla milk on the sugar / egg preparation – Mix gently and let cool.

step 2: – Prepare the dry caramel (without water) in a saucepan (about 5 min) – Pour the caramel into the mold(s). It might harden but it doesn’t matter. – Then gently remove the foam formed on top of the mixture (egg sugar milk) and, with a colander, pour the preparation into the mold(s) on top of the caramel.

Step 3: – Cook in a bain marie: fill an oven dish or the baking tray with boiling water and place at the bottom of the oven. Place the cream caramel on top and cook for about 35 minutes (the cream should be slightly resistant). – Allow to cool at room temperature then place the caramel cream in the refrigerator overnight. – When you’re about to serve, follow the contours of the creme using a knife blade and turn over !

Let’s eat : )

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